audio blog of SLINT live @ Reims March 03rd 2005

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Don stepped outside...

SLINT reunion tour 2005 :

live @ la Cartonnerie, Reims, France March 3rd 2005

the MP3s (192kbps) are available at this adress :


Enjoy and respect .

This Radio-Blog is only here as a testimony of the awesome reunion of that band called SLINT in 2005 .
If you own the copyright of these songs and want them removed, i'll do so straight away.


minidisc Sharp190H + ECM907 -> audigy platinum 2 ZS -> wavelab ->
steinberg multiband compressor + denoiser -> wav -> mp3192 ->radioblog v2
(a lossless version exist on EZT -
brian mcmahan : vocals, guitar
dave pajo : guitar
britt walford : drums, vocals-guitar (don, aman)
michael mcmahan : guitar
todd cook : bass
i'm not gonna tell you why this band mean so much to so many people (even if we're so few in fact). this was their only french date in the city of Champagne in a new place called the Cardboard box. i hope that some of you will have the chance to see them live during this reunion tour 2005 !!
This music is still painfully beautiful and timeless as it was 14 years ago when i've met it for the first time. Thanks Steve A.
The day of this show, there was a magnificent snow storm all over France, perfect day to listen to SLINT.
"Don stepped outside..."

Breadcrumb Trail
by Slint
(McMahon, Pajo, Brashear, Walford)

I stepped out onto the midway. I was looking for the pirate
ship and saw this small, old tent at one end. It was blue,
and had white lights hanging all around it. I decided to check
out the tent, it seemed I could hear music coming from inside.
As I walked toward it, I passed a crowd of people at the sideshow.
I couldn't figure out why they would want to wait in line. I
pulled back the drape thing on the tent. There was a crystal
ball at the table, and behind it, a girl wearing a hat. She
smiled, and asked me if I wanted my fortune read. I said okay,
and sat down. I thought about it for a minute, and asked her
if she would rather go on the roller coaster instead.

Creeping up into the sky. Stopping, at the top and,
starting down. The girl grabbed my hand, I clutched it
tight. I said good-bye to the ground.

Far below, a soiled man. A bucket of torn tickets at his side.
He watches as the children run by. And picks his teeth. Spinning
'Round, my head begins to turn. I shouted, and searched the sky
for a friend. I heard the fortune teller, screaming back at me.
We stuck out our hands, and met the winds.

The girl falters as she steps down from the platform. She
clutches her stomach, and begins to heave. The ticket-taker
smiles, and the last car is ready. Who told you that you
could leave?

The sun was setting by the time we left. We walked across
the deserted lot, alone. We were tired, but we managed to smile.
And the gate I said goodnight to the fortune teller. The
carnival sign threw colored shadows on her face, but I could
tell she was blushing.
Nosferatu Man
(McMahon, Pajo, Brashear, Walford)
by bursik (
corrections by Chemically Imbalanced Spice (

I live in a castle
I am a prince
On days I try
To please my queen

Soon as I start to smile
My smiling queen
Who sits across the table
By the food she made

Like a bat I flushed the girl
And I flew out my back door
And I came to no one no more
She ran without glances
And railed like a red coal train

Eyelids are open
When the sun is high
I slip away from my queen's
Grey state

I can be settled down
and be doing just fine
Until I heard that old train
Rolling down the line

With the light she disappeared
And set me in a whirl
And i hope that beautiful girl

I set a fire burning
And I railed on through the night
I set a fire burning
And I railed on through the night

She peeked around the corner
She offered me her hand
My teeth touched her skin
Then she was gone again

Now my queen is fine
In her early grave
After that girl I'll keep her warm(?)
there's nothing more to save
Don, Aman
by Slint
(McMahon, Pajo, Brashear, Walford)

Don stepped outside.
It feels good to be alone.
He wished he was drunk.
He thought about something he said,
And how stupid it had sounded.
He should forget about it.
He decided to piss, but he couldn't.
(A plane passes silently overhead)

The streetlights, and the buds on the trees, were still.

It finally came, he took a deep breath.
It made him feel strong, and determined,
To go back inside.

The light.
Their backs.
The conversations.
The couples, romancing, so natural.
His friends stare,
With eyes, like the heads of nails.
The others.
With amusement,
With amazement,
With contempt.
So distant,
With malice,
For being, a sty in their engagement.
Like swimming underwater in the darkness.
Like walking through an empty house,
Speaking to an imaginary audience.

He watched, outside.
A soul without a key.
He could not dance to anything.

Don left,
And drove,
And howled,
And laughed,
At himself.
He felt he knew what that was.

Don woke up,
And looked at the night before.
He knew what he had to do.
He was responsible.
In the mirror,
He saw his friend.
by Slint
(McMahon, Pajo, Brashear, Walford)
Thanks to Paul Ferlita for contributing this.

goodnight my love
remember me as you fall to sleep
fill your pockets with the dust and the memories
that rises from the shoes on my feet

I won't be back here
Though we may meet again

I know it's dark outside
don't be afraid
everytime I ever cried from fear
was just a mistake that I made
Wash yourself in your tears
and build your church
on the strength of your faith

Listen to me
don't let go
don't let this desperate moonlight leave me
with your empty pillow
promise me the sun will rise again

i too am tired now
embracing thoughts of tonight's dreamless sleep
my head is empty
my toes are warm
I am safe from harm
Good Morning, Captain
By Slint
(McMahon, Pajo, Brashear, Walford)

Let me in, the voice cried softly,
from outside the wooden door.
Scattered remnants of the ship could be seen in the distance,
Blood stained the icy wall of the shore.

I'm the only one left. The storm, took them all,
He managed as he tried to stand.
The tears ran down his face.
Please, it's cold.

When he woke, there was no trace of the ship.
Only the dawn was left behind by the storm.
He felt the creaking of the stairs beneath him.
That rose, from the sea, to the door.

There was a sound at the window then.
The captain started, his breath was still.
Slowly, he turned.

From behind the edge of the windowsill,
There appeared the delicate hand of a child.
His face was flush and timid.
He stared at the captain through frightened eyes.

The captain reached for something to hold on to,
Help me, he whispered, as he rose slowly to his feet.
The boy's face went pale,
He recognized the sound.

Silently, he pulled down the shade against the shadow.
Lost in the doorstep of the empty house.

I'm trying to find my way home.

I'm sorry...
...and I miss you.

I miss you.
I've grown taller now.
I want the police to be notified.
I'll make it up to you,
I swear, I'll make it up to you.




Blogger a. said...

you fucking rule! :D

11:48 AM

Blogger allexx said...

salut voisin de parking

3:02 PM

Anonymous Matthew said...

Nice work on the show taping...I just saw the Slint show in Seattle and it was pretty amazing....Didn't bring my sharp MD or the same mic because I heard a friend was going to get a soundboard recording....BUt he didn't go to the show!
Your recording is the only one I know of so far, but I know many people have been excited for this reunion and there must be other tapers out there....Great work!

6:15 PM

Blogger Jehza said...

Thank you for putting up this testament. I'm off to see Slint on friday...


6:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you!
saw the boston show, and have been hoping to find a keepsake.
there is another show at but it's streaming only so i can't hear it. got good comments, though.

2:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mille mercis pour cet enregistrement. j'étais à ce concert aussi et j'ai été heureuse de pouvoir le re-écouter.

12:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good quality recording....Yeah, Slint do mean so many things to so many people...Thanx.....

12:49 AM

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11:44 PM

Blogger niaboc said...

this blog is extremely touching.
i really wish i could see slint live.
please keep going!
merci beaucoup!!!!

4:41 AM

Blogger wegen said...

thanks so much for these! now i have attached a link to your on my blog.

again, thanks! =)

8:05 AM

Anonymous washer said...

Danke für diesen wunderbaren Blog

3:45 PM

Blogger josh said...

I too am a dedicated fan of this band. Before the days of napster and what not, I purchased oh, i guess 3-4 copies of spiderland throughout the years. Of course in those days, they had to be special ordered at karma, etc. I'd do it again too. They are worth it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the other album which rocks just as much (the name slips my memory just now, forgive me) I will own it again when I find it. Anyway. this band sparked an interest in me for a station in Nashville, Vanderbilt's own 91.1 WRVU Nashiville. That was 1992, and my life has never been as bleak as before the day the dj announced a song called "Good Morning Captian" and called it "an alternative rock anthem". Sincerely, I have been through so many wonderful bands, Tool, Radiohead, Mike Patton's various bands, etc etc, and still, this bands material from 1991 is firmly lodged in my heart. My only shame is that I have taken so many years in getting around to really researching them. That is all about to change, because I have adopted the moniker "WRVUnibomber" which is my name on Myspace, and my home page, hosted here on my home server, is titled, where I blog about various legendary types of bands, and whose birth can be traced back 18 years to the moment I found this band. I was luckily recording the station that day, and so had an audio cassette of GMC for many many years. I still have the 3rd copy of spiderland I purchased in fact, the cd with no label, but a little "Touch and Go 1991" etc printed on the inner ring. I even have the liner note. God I want to see them live. I am blogging too long, but this is a long time coming.......

6:15 PM

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